A typically southern atmosphere prevails here with gracious people, pretty homes and well kept lawns. There is an abundance of civic pride that helps enhance the beauty of the town.” Martha R. Ware

Nearly 200 years old, Trenton is the quintessential small town. With fewer than 500 residents, Trenton is boosted by the surrounding rural landscape, which is some of the most productive farmland in the state. Main Street is reminiscent of days gone by, with quaint storefronts suggestive of the town’s history. This farming community has most of the essentials: a post office, bank, café; even a doctor’s office. But, it also boasts a few unique treasures that make a trip – from wherever you might be – worthwhile.

Come spend a day in Trenton . . . you won’t regret it!

Click the image below or here to download a PDF version of the Journey to Trenton Day Trip.

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