Coming Soon! The Todd County Community Alliance is working on a new barn quilt square trail and driving tour featuring barn quilt squares across Todd County. Once we inventory and have all the squares in Todd County documented, we will develop a driving tour and and a print brochure.

Click Here for Barn Quilt Squares Registered So Far

What is a barn quilt square?  Barn quilt squares help tell stories and celebrate heirloom quilt patterns by painting them on sheets of plywood or metal. The chosen quilt pattern often times tells stories about family, history and culture. Barn quilt squares are growing in popularity and many areas across the United States have barn quilt trails.

Want to participate? The Todd Central FFA Chapter is now taking orders for you to purchase quilt squares that are either 4’x4′ on plywood or 8’x8′ on metal.  Once you place your order, FFA will make the quilt square to your specifications. You get to choose the pattern and the colors.  You can download the Barn Quilt Order Form. FFA will also be taking orders at their booth at HarvestFest on Saturday, October 3rd. You will also need to complete a Barn Quilt Square Trail Registration and Agreement Form so you can be placed on the Barn Quilt Square Trail.  Also, the quilt square does not have to be placed on a barn to participate! We encourage individuals and businesses to participate.

Already have a square? If you already have a quilt square and would like to be on the barn quilt square trail, please complete the Barn Quilt Square Trail Registration and Agreement Form and submit to the Todd County Community Alliance. If you have any questions, you can contact the Todd County Welcome Center at 270-265-7070.

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